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YA Book Review: Don’t Even Think About It by Sarah Mlynowski

A fun, quick, compelling read by Sarah Mlynowski, author of Bras & Broomsticks. This book is about a homeroom class of high schoolers who end up developing telepathic powers from a bad batch of the flu shot. What happens when your boyfriend or the guy you have a crush on can read your mind? What if you could hear what your parents and teachers are really thinking? Well, what happens in this book is that tons of secrets and lies are exposed, and a heck of a lot of drama ensues.

I really enjoy Mylonowski’s friendly, clear writing style, and her characters are complex and relatable. The story is told from the perspective of a hive-mind of twenty-two telepathic teens, but the main thrust of the storyline follows only a handful of them. While some may find this confusing, I found it clever and funny in a snarky Gossip Girl kind of way.

My one big issue with this book was with the “perv” of the class BJ, who really creeped me out more than I think he was meant to. He was constantly objectifying the girls in his class and they often responded positively to this. And while this did feel very realistic, I still found it rather troubling. I also felt that this book could’ve included more (obviously) multicultural and gay characters. But on the whole, this book was still incredibly enjoyable–a guilty-pleasure kind of read, perfect for spring break, summer vacation, or, who am I kidding, any time you want to read a juicy gossip/catty argument/make-out scene kind of book.

Disclaimer: Review of ARC received free through NetGalley.

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