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Wuthering Heights the movie

I watched Wuthering Heights today, the 1939 version. It was a little hard to watch, just because it was a little dated and people had a different way of acting then it seems, but it was definitely more enjoyable than the book. The character of Heathcliff was changed so that he was much less abominable and abusive and Catherine, though still crazy, did not reach psychotic as she did in the book. Their relationship seemed more loving and believable.

They did stay mostly true to the plot, but they neglected the whole half of the book which occurred after Catherine’s death in which all of the main characters’ offspring become the main characters. It was a good edit for the movie. It was already two hours long as it was, if they had tried to fit in the rest of the book, they would not have been able to do either half justice.

AND you could understand what Joseph was saying :)

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