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Umberto Eco discusses the decline of handwriting

(via @bookninja) Umberto Eco dates the decline of handwriting back to the invention of the ballpoint pen rather than the computer. He also asks the question: “Why should we regret the passing of good handwriting?

I think this is an interesting question especially now that everyone communicates via email and that even writers hardly ever pen their works (or more than a chapter or two). I do like to handwrite when I’m writing a first draft but I always type things up prior to revising. It’s so much harder looking at an overall story when there are pages of handwritten text to flip through. Well…that and I have bad handwriting and I have to type things up quickly or else I might not remember what “wlksdof” actually says. :) My husband and I keep a grocery list on the fridge and it’s always fun for me to figure out what he wrote and vice versa. “No, it doesn’t say ‘bran’ it says ‘bananas’.”

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