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Next stop Udaipur!

Our next stop was Udaipur, a city filled with many man-made lakes. We stayed at a resort that was on an island in the middle of Jaisamand Lake (“the second largest man-made lake in Asia”!). It was quite lovely, and… we had a swing in our room! That was fun. We visited a huge palace in Udaipur and then later that day, I rode a camel! They have a lot of camels in this part of the country since it is more desert-y than the rest of India. The camel ride was bumpy and a little scarier than I expected because the camel sits down for you to get on top of it and then when it stands up, you lurch forward and backward and cling on for dear life! Luckily there was no spitting involved, but the camel was surrounded by flies :P.

We spent New Years Eve on Jaisamand Lake which was a bit unfortunate because they decided that playing dance music way too loudly was a good idea. And it was not.

At some point I will upload a picture of me riding a camel, but I’m feeling a bit lazy at the moment since I’m still coughing up my lungs. I suspect that pictures would be a lot more interesting than a day-by-day account…

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