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The Once and Future King

I have been reading The Once and Future King by T.H. White for my critique/book group. It was one of the books that was required reading for some of the students in my high school (not for me) and I am having trouble seeing how any of them could have gotten through this enormous novel. While the story is very imaginative and has some beautifully written portions about the joys of childhood and the outdoors, it is very difficult to read. The author rambles on a lot and the dialogue is also very wordy. While I do like King Arthur aka Wart, I find myself getting bored. I am in the middle of the second section and keep trying to finish it so I can move on to my next reading assignment for our group.

I do not like starting a book and then not finishing it, but I’m afraid that might happen with this book. It does not help that I already know what’s going to happen, since the story is, after all, about the famous legend of King Arthur.

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