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Today I’ve been working on research for my next book and, unfortunately, that also meant I spent a lot of time surfing the web. I had to go to the post-office and to the locksmith’s on Mass Ave so around 11:30 I was going to see if I could get coffee & study in Porter Square Books or Simon’s on Mass Ave (I have never actually been to this place). But both places were really packed with nowhere to sit. So, I just ended up going back home after running my errands. I anyone knows any other good places to sit and read/work around Porter Square to try that won’t be packed with people, let me know! I suppose I could go to the Somerville Public library, but that place is truly hideous and dark. I’m going to check out the Davis Square branch one of these days.

James introduced me to a great website called Foodler which I am definitely going to check out tonight since tonight is James’s TMRC night. Foodler does online ordering for restaurants. Foodler does not charge anything, but some of the order seem to go through other website like (which sucks because of the exorbitant delivery charges) but not all of them are. Anyway, I’ll let you know how that goes.

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