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New E-reader from Spring Design

E-reader alert! Spring Design has announced their new e-reader Alex. Like Barnes and Noble’s new e-reader, Alex will have both a black and white e-ink screen and a smaller color LCD screen and run on Google’s Android software. It will also have internet access via wi-fi or mobile networks. (No word on how much it will cost.)

Does better internet access defeat the purpose of an e-reader or does it enhance it? I wonder if I would get completely distracted by a good internet connection (Kindle’s web browsing isn’t that great). I think the idea is it’s supposed to help with social networking stuff which I think might make people more excited about reading e-books. I look forward to seeing this one (and B&N’s) in person. It’s hard to get a sense of how big it is from the website. Another thing…if you start adding too many features, are people going to wonder why it doesn’t do everything (like a speakerphone, word processing software, or video games)?

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