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My Own Worst Enemy

My Own Worst Enemy

So when I read the description of My Own Worst Enemy on NBC and saw the ads I thought it would be boring and/or annoying. In fact I almost didn’t watch it at all, but thought I’d try it out anyway. The premise of the show is that Christian Slater plays a secret agent who has kind of purposeful multiple personality disorder. Basically they implanted something in his head so that he has an alternate identity who knows nothing about his secret agent life. I was afraid this would be a hoaky poorly done multiple personality disorder show that was meant to be funny and the whole point of the show was to renew Christian Slater’s career. But instead it was an intense, action-packed spy flick with excellent acting (mostly) that really delved into what it really truly means to not know the truth about your life–with lots of gadgets, action, and girls thrown in a la every spy movie ever (yes I am a James Bond fan, so this isn’t a bad thing to me). Christian Slater easily pulls of his two characters very well despite often playing both characters in the same scene–one being a tough, hard-edged spy and the other being a (very intelligent) family man. The supporting cast are also (mostly) top-notch actors who you will surely recognize if you watch the show, including Alfre Woodard (from Desperate Housewives), Mike O’Malley (not sure where I remember him from, I think he usually plays funny characters), Madchen Amick (Gossip Girl), and others.

Now so far I’ve only seen the first episode, so who knows.

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