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Mommy Read it Again: The Adventures of Beekle by Dan Santat

Preschooler Monkey found spotted this book at the library just as we were about to leave and had to take it home. My arms were already full of books, but she really liked the cover, and the librarians said it was a good one, so of course we checked it out. Toddler Monkey claimed it for herself at bedtime, and the next evening a small fight ensued when PM realized she hadn’t even gotten to read it yet (BTW hearing an almost 2 year old say “Beekle! Beekle!” is absolutely adorable). The story is about an imaginary friend who makes his way to the real world to find a child to play with.  Both the illustrations and text are so playful and imaginative, it’s easy to see why both the kids love it (and why I’ve renewed it a couple of times…).

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