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Social distancing day one

Though I thought I had mostly transitioned away from my blog, with this pandemic, social media has been a bit overwhelming. It seems most useful to me to check in quickly with my friends and then log off. However, I do seem to need to express myself online in some way, so I thought I’d get back to journaling a little bit here. So for as long as I find it fun, I’ll be journaling the pandemic from my POV. As a warning, these posts will be a little off the cuff and only a little bit edited :)

So yesterday was day one at home. My husband is working from home, and I’m attempting to get writing done at the same time, but we have kids to take care of! So the first thing we did with the kids was to make a schedule. My 1st grader needs a more structured day, or she feels anxious. (My 4th grader, by contrast gets annoyed if things are too structured…so we’ll see how it goes.) We googled around for homeschool schedules, looked on FB to see what my friends were doing, and in the end cobbled together something close to what the kids were doing at school (with morning meeting, recess, and snack breaks).

We made a list of subjects the kids were doing at school, and chose two for the first day: Math and social studies. After one day, we were able to see what worked and what didn’t, and we’ll modify accordingly for Monday. (Obviously we’ll be working on reading and writing every day :)) In the end, I only got about an hour of writing in, but it was a productive hour at least!

This weekend, we had already agreed to treat as a weekend, so today, we’re just playing in an unstructured way, like we usually do. While the kids are playing, I’m looking at websites and workbooks and trying to see which things look appropriate for my kids. If any of them turn out to be great I might blog a bit about it. We’re also going to try Dreambox, which is free for 90 days and a colleague of James’s recommended Life of Fred workbooks for math (my kids are good at math so challenging them without boring them will be an issue).

Anyway that’s it from me today. Stay well!

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