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Hank: Funny family show but is the classic sitcom dead?

Hank on ABC

Hank on ABC

Hank stars Kelsey Grammer as a man who loses his high-powered job in NY and has to move his family to Virginia. The show is funny yet also family friendly (in a good way). Kelsey Grammer and the rest of the cast do a really great job. But is the sitcom w/laugh track thing dead? I complained about this with Accidentally on Purpose, but for this show–which takes place mostly in a family living room ala every family sitcom ever–the format feels even more old-fashioned. It’s a good show for what it is, but I think it would probably have done better about 10 years ago.

Verdict: Funny, family friendly show…if you like old-fashioned sitcoms with laugh tracks. I don’t, so not sure how long I will watch.

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