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updates: Accidentally on Purpose, Cougar Town, Eastwick

Okay, so my DVR didn’t record this week’s Accidentally on Purpose and I wonder if it might have done it accidentally on purpose? But it’s plan to keep my brain from rotting was foiled as I caught it on the CBS website. Have you seen the website lately? Apparently you can enter online rooms to watch along with other online viewers at the same time (which means you don’t necessarily start at the beginning) and you can chat with them. Cool idea, I guess.

Anyway, I digress. This week’s AoP was pretty similar to the previous one in terms of tone and funniness. There were funny moments and awkward moments. My favorite bits are when the women are together. But I’m not sure if this show is worth recommending to people.

Verdict: This show has grown on me, and I think I will keep watching, but I wouldn’t be sad if it got cancelled.

So Cougar Town DID tape this week, and the second episode was better than the first. Friendships are emphasized rather than sex, and more backstory is revealed. Courtney Cox doesn’t come across as weird or sad like she did in the previous one and her friends are silly as ever (even the men).

Verdict: Funny show, worth watching.

Eastwick. This show has also grown on me. I like the main characters, I like that it takes place in New England (though not sure how they where sleeveless outfits on autumn evenings…) and I like where the plot is going. The actresses have a great camaraderie that I enjoy seeing.

Verdict: Another show worth watching.

Drinking water on Eastwick

My biggest problem with all three shows—why are they ALWAYS DRINKING? I’m not a teetotaler, I like to drink, but with binge drinking rates among women climbing, is it in good taste to glorify having a cocktail every night? (or in the case of CT, getting drunk every weekend?) These shows make it look like drinking is the only thing to do with your friends. Of course in the case of Eastwick, sometimes they’re just drinking water and acting drunk (no, really, I’m not being sarcastic).

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