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Glee episode #2 boring and offensive

Glee on Fox

Glee on Fox

Unfortunately, episode #2 did not live up to the promise of the pilot. The lip-synching was poor, one of the dance numbers really WAS offensive (the song was Push It, which in itself didn’t bother me, but having students grind too close and stick their faces in each other’s crotches? not cool.) and one of the songs was boring as heck. For a high school drama, they spent way more time on the adults’ dramas then the students’ which just seems wrong, and only the adult main character really felt multi-faceted. The whole episode just felt way too long, with drawn out “comedic” scenes that just weren’t funny. The handicapped character, the gay character, the black character, and the Asian character better be more than just sidekicks because so far they just seem to be dispensable.

I’m going to give it one more chance since I really did like the pilot, but I don’t have high hopes.

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