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Community on NBC: 2nd episode actually funny

Ken Jeong as Señor Chang

So the second episode of (the poorly titled) Community was much funnier than the second. If I were to choose only one new comedy this season, I would choose Modern Family, but this one is pretty good too.

I was glad to see that Chevy Chase had a bigger role as did a lot of the supporting characters. But perhaps the funniest character in the show actually wasn’t in the pilot: the Spanish teacher, Señor Chang (played by Ken Jeong). He is over-the-top with is un-PC statements and wild hand-gestures–but in a good way. As for everyone else, the show just felt more natural to me and less forced this time. I hope they continue this momentum and the show gets better and better with time, but I’m a little afraid that they won’t keep it up and the show may fizzle out by the end of the season. I’m willing to take the risk though.

Final Verdict — Funny! I hope they keep this up!

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