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So someone recently complained that I don’t review any books for adults (why does “adult books” have such a different connotation than books for adults?) on my blog. Actually, I have posted some adult book reviews online, just not on my blog. I generally leave those reviews on I guess the reason is that as a children’s book writer, my blog could theoretically be read by children and should be aimed at that audience (though I did post an xkcd comic that had a swear word in it once! shitzu!).

I really like because: 1) it is easy to navigate 2) it is a good place to keep track of which books I have already read 3) I like seeing what my friends are reading 4) the reviews by goodreads users tend to be better than the reviews on amazon for whatever reason, and they list your friends’ reviews above those from everyone else. 5) they have links to download free ebooks from Feedbooks (as well as a quick purchasing comparison of new and used books from many online booksellers)

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