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Accidentally On Purpose – kinda dumb yet somehow still interesting

Accidentally on Purpose on CBS

Accidentally on Purpose on CBS stars Dharma and Greg actress Jenna Elfman as a 37-year-old woman named Billie who has a one-night-stand with a 20-something guy named Zack (played by Jon Foster) and gets pregnant. My main reason for watching this show, however, was actually Ashley Jensen (one of my fav characters on Ugly Betty) who plays Olivia, and it seems she is playing the same loud-and-proud, snarky character as she did on Ugly Betty. Not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

Overall this show is kinda dumb yet somehow interesting at the same time. I really really wish it didn’t have a laugh track, because then I could take the show a little more seriously. I think the time for laugh track sitcoms is waayy over. The comedic timing, the acting for the crowd kind of acting all come across as a little old fashioned. However, despite that the show had many funny one-liners and I actually found myself laughing and wondering what they were going to say next.

Overall Impression: Tivo and watch when you’re bored.

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