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you know you’re a major dork when…

you’re typing up a battlestar galactica blog entry. I know. You can stop laughing now. I just couldn’t help myself, I finally got around to watching it last night.

(contains spoilers, don’t read on if you still plan on watching it)

What an overwhelming episode that was–and I don’t mean that in a good way. maybe they were trying to make the whole inauguration thing seem that much more hopeful by making the lives of our favorite characters look completely horrible and overly melodramatic.

In this episode we find our friends on earth (yay! finally!) but of course it’s not the earth we know, but a nuclear wasteland. oh. this could have been cool–i mean we find out that our final five cylons actually lived on earth before 2000 years ago–but this exciting news is completely overshadowed by everyone being completely upset about everything. and boy are they upset. Roslin starts burning her bible, adama has a breakdown. Tyrol has a breakdown. Sam has a breakdown. Even the regular cylons are upset. Jeez. Everyone starts crying and moping about. If ever there was a time for a birthday party episode, this would be it. From seeing Starbuck burning her own body on a funeral pyre to watching everyone’s sweetheart Dee shoot herself in the head, I would have turned off the TV if I wasn’t busy laughing. I mean come on! Talk about heavy-handed!

I think what should have happened was that they shouldn’t have picked right back up from where the last season left off. too much time has gone by for us. for example, we had to watch Adama come to grips with the fact that his best friend Tigh is a cylon, but we as the audience have already moved on. the cylon reveal was months and months ago for us! so for him to carry on about it was really, well, boring.

anyway. hopefully the next episode is better. hopefully we don’t have one character per episode shooting themselves in the head. :P

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