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What’s Amitha up to?

Hi everyone! It’s been a long while since my last blog post. I’ve been busy this summer with my family, my writing projects, and my volunteer projects.

My family’s been busy this summer, going to museums, the beach, hanging out at the neighborhood pool, playing video games, and of course, reading a million books. My younger child is now 3 and has camp 3 days a week over the summer (not every week), so I’ve been enjoying spending time with her while my 6yo is at camp. Unfortunately, this means serious jealousy–the girls fight over their precious time with me–but the 6 yo loves being with friends and has a lot of energy, so she also really, really going to camps. (“Can I PLEASE go to that swimming camp again this year? I’ll be so sad if I can’t!”)

As far as my writing goes, I have been plugging away at my rewrites of middle grade fantasy I co-wrote with my sister a few years ago, based on my trip to Jantar Mantar.  The book was originally in third person, focusing on one character, then it was in first person, and now I’m doing third person again, but alternating between two characters and fleshing out the worldbuilding more. So there’s been a lot of thinking and rewriting and deleting involved!

For the first time, I’ve also been working on picture books! I’ve been wanting to write a picture book for a while, and for some reason, the ideas never flowed for me. I’ve been tinkering with them here and there over the past two years, but it’s taken me some time to get some stories that felt really original enough to pursue. Plus after 6 years of reading them every day to my kids,  I have more of a sense of the rhythm and flow of how the text flows, and the ideas for those have been coming more frequently.

I’m also taking on some freelance work, and in September, I’ll be on a panel at Eight Cousins Bookstore and also attending this workshop at Highlights, which I’m excited about! I’ve been wanting to go the Highlights Foundation for a while now and this was a great opportunity. Thanks to my husband for agreeing to solo parent for a few days right at the beginning of the school year! I may post some pictures if I manage to take good ones with my cell phone.

As far as volunteering goes, I’m now Social Media Manager at WNDB, and also still work on the boskidlit calendar when I have time. Unfortunately I just noticed that the google calendar does not have as many items on it as the Facebook calendar. Oh dear. I guess I’d better fix that soon.

Anyway, I think that’s it. I’ve been doing a lot, so yeah. It might be a while before I blog again.

Catch you later!

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