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Read it Again, Mommy: Good Night William (a UK find)

We spent a week last month in Cornwall, and maybe someday I’ll feel like blogging about our amazing trip. But for now, I thought I’d share a strange little board book my daughter fell in love with that we found in our rental cottage.

Goodnight William by

The book is about a boy named William who discovers a hole in his bedroom wall just as he’s falling asleep. He encounters a strange animal called a Glump, which eats so much it explodes and turns into sand, which he builds into a sandcastle, and then even more strange and interesting things happen. The story and drawings are very surreal and dream-like, and really captured the 2.5 year old’s imagination. She stared at the book as I read, trying to figure out just what the heck was going on. The book ends strangely with the growing of a magical seed. We’re left with the question…but what happens next?

My daughter kept asking about this book after we returned home, and I couldn’t find it in bookstores or the library, so I ended up buying it online at

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