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We drove from Jaipur to Ranthambhore where they have a tiger reserve. Tigers used to roam all over India, but because of hunting and the huge human population boom, tigers now only live in the few reserves that have been dedicated for them.

Unfortunately, we didn’t see any tigers (waah!!) on our drive through the reserve, but we saw lots of deer, antelope, crocodiles, jackals, and lots and lots of different types of birds including peacock. It was so strange seeing peacock roaming around in the wild. Of course, there were also lots of wild boar roaming around. They seemed to roam all around the North Indian cities we visited. Obelix would have been very happy on this trip.

Now for some pictures!

Here is a picture of a blue bull (Nilgai) which is a type of antelope that has a bluish tinge to its coat.

Here are two little baby owls that were snuggling in a tree.

But most importantly we saw loads of monkeys! We went up to Ranthambhore fort–a really old fort that was started in the 10th century (they think) and added to by subsequent generations–and it seemed to be monkey city. They all kind of sat on the walls watching everyone go by. Some of them had their legs crossed casually and looked like old men. There were also some cute baby monkeys. All of the other animals like to hang around monkeys because they can watch out for predators and then everyone to run away.

Here is a photo of a bunch of monkeys looking down at us from along a wall.

More monkeys hanging around the parking lot:

My husband saw one of the monkeys looking at a newspaper. Unfortunately, every time he went to take a photo, the monkey put the paper down and turned away from the camera. boo.

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