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On princesses, superstars, and architects

My 7 year old is a riot. She has all kinds of elaborate dreams and schemes. By contrast, my 4 year old is more logical and reasonable, but she can’t resist my 7 year old’s infectious enthusiasm.

Last week, the 7 yo was talking about how she wants to be a famous singer when she grows up, and how her sister and 2 cousins will be in the band with her. Then she decided, actually, she would be famous by herself. The 4 year old was scared about this idea (she is more shy than her sister) so instead she agreed to be the maid and do all the 7 year old’s chores for her so she can have time to practice her singing and write famous songs.

Later, at bathtime, the 7 year old says to me, “Mommy, I want to be a princess. We need to find a Prince for me to marry so I can be a princess.”

I explained to her that we don’t have princesses in this country, and that it was a good thing that we get to vote to decide who is in charge of us. That way we don’t get stuck with an evil king or something.

I said, “Well, maybe you can CALL yourself Princess when you’re a famous singer?”

7 year old thought this was a terrible idea, but she discussed it in the bath with her little sister and decided that her band name would be THE PRINCESSES and when they were rich, they would have a huge mansion–“No, a CASTLE! Then people might believe that we are REALLY princesses.” She promptly asked the 4 yo if she would still agree to help her clean the castle. The 4 year old agreed.

I reminded them that actually, when they are rich, they can afford to have someone else to clean the castle. “But you know [4 year old] is always saying she wants to be an architect. Maybe she can design the castle?”

The 4 year old liked this idea, but was worried because she doesn’t know how to draw castles. So, the 7 year old, in her very sensible big sister voice informed her that if she wants to be good at drawing castles, she should practice.

“Every time you have choice time in school you should draw a castle,” said the 7 year old.

After they got their pajamas on, the girls wanted to get started practicing drawing castles. I explained this wasn’t the best time to start drawing pictures. It was bedtime.

Once they were done crying and moaning about bedtime and had accepted their fate, the 7 year old instead decided to write a note to remind herself (and her sister) to practice drawing castles first thing in the morning before school.

The next morning, I was awakened by two drawings of castles being thrust into my face :) Naturally I haven’t heard a word about the castle drawings since then….

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