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Merlin on NBC

Merlin is a BBC show brought to the US. Basically this is a high-school show meets King Arthur’s court. Merlin, King Arthur (Prince Arthur in the show), Guinevere, Morgana et al are young adults who work together to fight evil magic and flirt together as well. I have mixed feelings about this show so I’ve made a pros and cons list for you to peruse:


-it’s something to watch this summer

-entertaining plots

-diverse cast


-Not faithful at all to the legend (Guinevere is a maid servant? Merlin and Arthur are the same age?) though I guess this adds to the mystery of how it’s all going to end and it is a legend after all, no one knows what really happened then

-Not faithful to history either (um..hello? I’m no historian, but I really don’t think they had glasses or the germ theory of disease at the time King Arthur was supposed to exist, and it shouldn’t be so easy for a peasant to become friends with royalty) but again, no one really knows what it was like back then, do they?

-not one drop dead gorgeous hunk among the cast :( though some of the women are pretty enough.

-sucky CGI animation

-merlin is a little foolhardy and mildly irritating

But is something to watch that will keep you entertained when you’re bored. I recommend Tivo’ing and watching at your leisure, which is what I’m doing. Not sure it’s compelling enough to keep you hooked episode after episode.

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