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Lost Teeth

Today at home:

6 yo niece (face bloody): WAAAAAH! Mommy! I lost 2 teeth! Sis and me: oh no! are you okay! what happened? which teeth? 6 yo niece: the ones that were wiggly! Me: phew!!!!! what happened? Niece: I don’t know! they just came out! Now I can’t find them! Sis: what were you doing? where were you? Niece: *crying* I don’t know! Me: Let’s ask my daughter.

7 yo Daughter comes downstairs with a funny expression. Me: what happened? Daughter: we were playing tug of war! Me: did someone hit her in the face? Daughter: I don’t know. No. We didn’t. Me: I don’t get it, what happened? How did her teeth come out? Daughter: We were playing tug of war with our mouths*–


They wanted me to write a story about this, but I decided on a blog post. *”with our mouths” as in they were using their mouths to tug the ribbon they were using.

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