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Links from My Part-Time Writer, Full-Time Mom #NESCBWI16 Talk

For those of you who attended (and those of you who didn’t!), here are the links I included in the handout at my Part Time Writer, Full Time Mom workshop this past weekend. Some of these I mentioned specifically in the talk, and some are just for further reading. (A big thank you to author Pooja Makhijani for helping me with some of these links!)

Books I’ve enjoyed:

  1. 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think by Laura Vanderkam (her interview with author Yvonne Ventresca)

  2. Buddhism for Mothers: A Calm Approach to Caring for Yourself and Your Children by Sarah Napthali (not a writing book, but great for some perspective)

Hilarious stickfigure cartoon post

  1. “Making time” by Melissa Caruso:

Related Blog posts and articles to check out (alpha by author)

  1. “11 No Judgment Ways To Squeeze Writing Into Your Summertime Parenting Schedule” by Ami Allen-Vath

  2. “Parenting Creating Being” by Stephanie Burgis

  3. “Writing in the gaps” by Rosalyn Eves

  4. “Parenting Tips for Writers” by Janet Fitch

  5. “Shasta Grant on ‘The Long Way Home” Interview with Shasta Grant at Proximity

  6. “Tips for Writers” by April Henry

  7. “Striking the Write Life Balance” by Melanie Bennett Jacobson

  8. “Writing Like a Mother(F*ker)” by Sarah Menkedick

  9. “No, I Am Not Crowdfunding This Baby (an open letter to a worried fan)” by Amanda Palmer

A Sort of Related Poem I Enjoyed:

  1. “girls” by Katie Anthony

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