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Life on Mars, Kath & Kim, Knight Rider update

Based on a hit BBC series, Life on Mars is about a police detective sent back in time to the 1970’s after he is hit by a car. It reminds me of Journeyman or Quantum Leap, only with murder mysteries to solve and I think the main character will not be switching back and forth in time. He’s just stuck. The acting is very good (the show stars Harvey Keitel), and I enjoyed the first episode, but the whole premise felt a little bit contrived. I will keep watching, despite the fact that I don’t get most of the ’70s references since I wasn’t alive during that decade.

Is silly and funny, like a (funny) Saturday Night Live skit only longer. Apparently this is based on an Australian series. I’ll definitely keep watching.

Knight Rider Update (see previous post)

I am getting very bored of this show and probably will not last the whole season.

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