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Informal Book Review: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

I was going to wait until after my writing group meeting to talk about this, but I really loved loved loved this book. Even though I read this book way back in December, I chose to read it again this month for the group (but okay only got halfway through–too busy with baby to reread). I also gave it to a YA-loving relative as an Xmas gift (haven’t heard yet whether she liked it). But most importantly I got the hubbie to read it (it was like pulling teeth to get him to read it)…and guess what? He LOVED it. So much so that he even BLOGGED about it. HA! What a great “I told you so” moment!

And because he blogged about it, several people at his work have even picked it up and read it as well. My husband and I even rushed out one night to buy the sequel (Catching Fire) from our local bookstore (Porter Square Books) just before it closed. Can’t wait for the third book, Mockingjay, to come out! You have to read this book!! My writing group is launching a new group blog in the next few weeks (or months…depending on how lazy we are), so I’ll wait for that to go into more details about why this book is so awesome.

Check out Mitali Perkins’s blog for more books with female main characters that have cross-gender appeal.

Countdown clock for Mockingjay:

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