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Highlights from my trip to San Francisco

I finally got photo uploads working! Here’s a long overdue blog post about my trip to San Francisco this past March. My husband had to go to California for his job, so I had a lot of time to myself to spend exploring the city. I had planned on getting a lot of writing done, but ended up taking a bit of a writing break instead!

Here are some highlights (sorry for the poor quality, I am not a photographer and I only had my cell phone camera):

A cable car! These things are so cool and also very loud.

View of a tall ship in the bay.

The Golden Gate Bridge (so named because it goes over the Golden Gate Straight–I always thought it was a reference to the orangey color!)

In the Japanese tea garden at Golden Gate Park:

This giant knot in the tree is called a burl, which is a dormant tree bud that can grow if the main tree is damaged.

I also saw lots of sea lions, pelicans, and a coyote but unfortunately those photos are even worse than the ones I’ve posted. (stupid cell phone camera!)

I absolutely loved the Asian Art Museum:

and the brand new San Francisco Public Library building:

a view inside:

(and the beautiful children’s section)

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