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Glee #3 — hooray! it didn't suck!

The tokens got a bigger part (or 2 out of 4 of them did anyway) and the performances were interesting and (mostly) tasteful. The one song that was a little raunchy (“I want to sex you up”) was more silly and hilarious than gross. Phew! I guess I’ll keep watching. My favorite character of the episode: Kurt Hummel with his touching “coming out” story. Least favorite: Terri Schuester and her fake pregnancy. I suppose we’re supposed to love to hate her, but I wish they would round out her character a bit more. There has to be more to her than what we’ve seen so far. Why else would Will have married her? I also want to see more from the Asian character and the handicapped character.

and who knew Josh Groban (playing himself) could be so hilarious?

Final Verdict: Keep Watching!

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