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Friday Library Trip: Mommy’s picks and Baby’s picks

My 1-year-old and I went to the library today. She ran around, choosing books at random, while I went through and looked at them carefully. Eventually, she sat and flipped through a few of the books she had strewn on the floor (Sorry librarians! Don’t hate me!). We took home a couple of her favorites and a few of mine.

Mommy’s picks:

Brown Rabbit in the City by Natalie Russell: I loved this author’s previous book, Moon Rabbit and wanted to check this one out.

On Mother’s Lap by Ann Herbert Scott, illustrated by Glo Coalson: I loved the illustrations and the repetitive, soothing text. Looked like a good bedtime read (and indeed it was helpful during naptime).

Pooh (Giant Board Book) inspired by A. A. Milne, illustrations by Ernest H. Shepard: A Pooh-shaped board book! How cute is that? Though I have to admit that I was more drawn to this book than she was since she doesn’t really know about Pooh yet.

Baby’s picks:

My Dog, Buddy (Scholastic Reader Level 2) by David Milgrim: She likes dogs, what can I say?

Duck & Goose, 1, 2, 3 by Tad Hills: She also loves ducks.

How Little Lori Visited Times Square written by Amos Vogel, pictures by Maurice Sendak: She also picked out this book (I think because it is a small book and was easy to pull of the shelf) but I didn’t end up checking it out for fear that she’d tear it to pieces. Worth taking a look at though for older kids because of the absolutely hilarious ending.

I’m hoping to make library visits with the baby a weekly thing, but we all know what happens when you have a baby and try to make plans. :P

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