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Forcing yourself to read

In addition to critiquing each other’s writing every other week, my critique group has a monthly (published) book discussion. We read MG to YA and all sorts of genres. Some of them we’ve loved and others….not so much. Right now I’m in the middle of a “not so much”. I have read some RAVE reviews of this book (including one from a friend of mine) and want to know what happens, but reached a stopping point in the novel (where the author introduces a brand new first person POV character whose relationship to the previously 3rd person protagonist is not apparently obvious) and have had so much trouble picking it back up.

In the meantime I’ve read two other lighter novels (a mystery and a chick lit) both of which I devoured within a day.

My question to you is: should I give up or keep going?

Should I force myself to continue reading, knowing that I might potentially love this book at the end? Or should I just give up now and not torture myself further? There are plenty of other books out there to read, after all, but the fact that I purchased this book rather than just getting it from the library makes me want to finish it. I don’t like having unfinished books on my bookshelf (but I don’t mind returning unfinished ones to the library).

What do you do when you have to read a book that you don’t want to read?

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