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FlashForward on ABC: Lost fans have a new show to watch

Mark finally gets through to his wife.

Mark finally gets through to his wife.

Even if you are as annoyed as I am by the title of the show (why one word with a capitalized letter in the middle?!?!?) you should definitely check this show out! The characters are compelling, the plot is exciting, and the acting is impeccable.

The premise is simple: everyone in the world blacks out at the same time for exactly 2 minutes and 37 seconds and glimpses a piece of their future as it will/might occur on April 29, 2010 (or 30th depending on where in the world they live). The first episode centers around an FBI agent named Mark (played by Joseph Fiennes best known for “Shakespeare in Love”) whose vision shows him investigating the mysteries of the blackout), his partner played by (John Cho, better known as “Harold” from “Harold and Kumar”) who did not have a vision (why not?), his wife (played by Lost’s Olivia Benford) who sees herself with another man, and a whole slew of related characters ranging from the wife’s suicidal colleague to Mark’s AA sponsor. It looks like this circle of characters will expand to include the wife’s future lover played by Coupling’s Jack Davenport (love love love the BBC version of coupling! rent it if you haven’t seen it yet) and the lover’s friend played by Lost’s Dominic Monaghan (one of my favorite actors).

I think this show will definitely appeal to fans of Lost, but will probably appeal to a wider audience since it probably won’t have as fantastical of a storyline (i.e. I don’t think there will be a smoke monster but you never know).

Final Verdict: Dude. You have to see this show.

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