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Defying Gravity Episode 1 –the verdict

So I finally watched Episode 1 of Defying Gravity on hulu and it was really fun. You’ll have to suspend disbelief about their whole “why we’re not floating around” explanation (so their suits keep their bodies from floating, so why then doesn’t their hair float?), but besides that, it seems to be well-written as well as well-acted with a great cast. I thought at first they were aiming for the Battlestar Galactica audience with this show, but it’s a bit less sci-fi-ish than that and I don’t think there will be any space battles (but who knows?). I can see why some have called in a Grey’s Anatomy in space because of the emphasis placed on relationships rather than action. I’m a little worried about the overarching supernatural/alien storyline (kind of reminds me of Lost in this way). Will the final mystery end up being cheesy or awesome? I guess I’ll have to keep watching to find out.

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