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Cougar Town — prelim review

Courtney Cox goes out on the prowl

Courtney Cox goes out on the prowl

Cougar Town on ABC premiered this past Wednesday and for me it was just okay. I wanted to like it because I like Courtney Cox and think she is good at comedy, however, after so much hype, I felt like I had already seen all of the good jokes in the preview. So as you probably already guessed, this show is about an “older” woman (she’s only about 40) named Jules who is starting to date again after her divorce.

She whines many times (to the chagrin of her son) about how hard it is for women over a certain age to find a decent man. However, Jules decides to start trying more seriously to find a date when she kind of makes a bet with her hot “older” male neighbor (who has been successfully dating young women) that she too can still attract younger men. Along for the ride are Jules’s two friends Laurie (Busy Philipps) and Ellie (Christa Miller–who played one of my fav characters on scrubs) who are actually both quite funny.

I think this show might improve with time (and with fewer jokes ruined in the previews) especially given their stellar cast. My main concern is I couldn’t quite guess what the overall plotline for the show was–I assume it’s about Jules finding love finally, but somehow the pilot felt directionless. Also, I’m worried this whole “cougar” thing might grow old fast, so they’ll need to make sure they find ways to keep it fresh, but compared to the other cougar show on CBS (Accidentally On Purpose), this show easily wins.

Preliminary Verdict: Keep watching to see if it improves

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