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Where are the TV blog posts?

Someone asked me why I’m not blogging much about TV lately and the reasons are 1) I don’t watch as much TV anymore now that I have a baby and 2) there really isn’t that much good TV to watch! The only new shows I’ve been watching regularly this season are Once Upon a Time and Up All Night. I also tried Prime Suspect, but it was a little too gritty for me. I’m still watching anything Masterpiece, The Good Wife, Modern Family, Castle and yes, Gossip Girl but am waaaay behind on all of them (esp. GG).  My favorite reality shows this season: Project Runway, Work of Art, Top Chef, and Millionaire Matchmaker. I tried two episodes of Project Accessory, but it wasn’t for me. Turns out I don’t care enough about accessories. I tend to watch reality shows first since I can watch them during nap time and not care if I don’t actually finish an episode. I have even more shows on my DVR but am probably just going to delete them at this point.

I LOVE to watch old BBC period pieces from Netflix. I tend to watch them as soon as they come in the mail. I’m on Season One of The House of Eliott right now and I just finished Lark Rise to Candleford. I highly recommend them both (and PS I think Downton Abbey starts again soon!)

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