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Toddler Favorites: Guess That Picture Book

My toddler likes to quote from some of her favorite books. Let’s see if you can guess which ones these are!

Mystery Book #1:

Toddler runs inside the house from outside and closes the door. She runs to hug my husband’s legs, looks up at him, and says, “I’m not going on a bear hunt again!”

Mystery Book #2:

We’re out grocery shopping and I ask her what we should buy for dinner. Her response: “Marshmallows!” (she says this one a lot)

Mystery Book #3:

I lean over to say good night and kiss her on her cheek twice. She looks over at Daddy and says, “Yuck yuck! Right, Daddy?”

Mystery Book #4:

I say, “Would you like to eat this red, ripe juicy strawberry?”

She replies, “Or else the big, hungry bear will eat it!”

Mystery Book #5:

And my favorite quote from my daughter (which my twitter followers will have probably heard already):

“Oh, Bother!”

I’m pretty sure I don’t need to link that one.

How did you do?

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