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Spring update (aka My List of Excuses)

There is a lot going on over at chez Monkey Poop right now. My babysitter is on vacation, I have a close family member graduating from college, I am in the process of selling my home and moving, my baby is now a toddler who is learning how to climb and jump off furniture… The list of excuses is endless!

This means I am taking a little break from my blog so that I can use my spare writing time (my what now?) for writing/revising/researching/reading/critiquing/going to conferences rather than blogging. (As I’m typing this post the baby is napping and I’m realizing I haven’t had breakfast yet…)

Don’t worry–I’m still maintaining the author’s event list, so be sure to keep checking it for new events. (Did you know you can add the events calendar to your Google calendar? Just click the “+Google Calendar” button on the bottom right hand corner). And I’m sure I’ll still somehow find time for twitter, so find me there if you’re dying to know what I’m up to and what links I think are worth retweeting.

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