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Social Distancing Week 4

Four weeks (more like 4 and a half, but close enough). Last week whizzed by. The kids had their first videochats with their teachers and they had a lot of assigned school work, designed to keep them occupied for 3 hours per day. The 10 year old, for the most part, can work independently. She has a chromebook and loves working on it. The 7 year old needs more help and direction, but also seems pretty content to work on her school work.

They both need help managing their time though (homework, recess, lunch, snack, chores) as well as their numerous requests for video chats with friends. Even still, I actually did find time to write last week, but it wasn’t all in a row, like I’m used to. I feel like I have to train my brain to work frequently but for not as long. I’ve talked to my family about my frustrations around this, and am trying to block in 3 hour stretches in the afternoon where they play and work independently. Today is the first day we’re trying it.

Another list of things I wanted to remember:

  1. gifts of handmade masks from my mother and my neighbor friend

  2. the “business plan” 10 year old wrote and emailed me for fun (not a school assignment)

  3. watching long videochats between the kids and their friends that consist of long silences as they try to figure out what to talk about (I think they’re so used to playing and talking at the same time that they don’t really know how to just sit and talk.)

  4. Easter morning, my 10 year old woke up before anyone else and made waffles for the family with no help

  5. playing videogames with the kids

  6. cuddling on the couch and reading books with the 7 year old during the day

  7. After my 7 year old wrote a very sad journal entry about her “hopes” (see below) my husband took the 7 year old to the bike store for a new bike. She came home very proud of her new big kid bike with gears! (Note: the store is only open for appointments and doesn’t let customers inside.) So far she has only biked up and down our street which has largely been empty.

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