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Scrivener day #4: Oops.

Hooray! I successfully figured out how to completely screw up my manuscript!

I hit command-k thinking it would bring up keywords on Scrivener and accidentally split two of my cards. Not a big deal, (and I should probably change the shortcuts) but then I highlighted both cards on the text part of the screen (not realizing on that I had all of my cards selected on the left side of the screen) and accidentally merged ALL of my scenes. A dialogue box popped up that said basically “are you sure since you can’t undo this” and of course, thinking I only had 2 cards selected, I said I was. Lame. All of my side notes and blank scenes with only outline info on them were gone in the two clicks.

Luckily I had backed up on time machine only about 10 minutes before, so I just copied and pasted whatever I had revised. Lame. I’ll have to be more careful of what I’m doing in the future and think twice before I say yes to dialogue boxes that tell you you can’t undo.

**Very important writing tip. Back up your files regularly!!! I learned this the hard way when my laptop was stolen once. If you don’t know how, figure it out soon because you’re asking for trouble.

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