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Scivener Trial Day #3

(yes, it’s been a while since i sat down to work on this project)

I implemented some of the suggestions posted by someone at Scrivener to the blogger version of my blog. So far so good. I basically renamed “Labels” to be “Draft” and renamed “Status” to be Labels (which I still haven’t found a use for). I also changed it so that in full screen mode, I don’t have weird colored sections, which is nice (though I thought this feature was fairly hidden by calling the option “aternate scrivenings” which was pretty indecipherable. Apparently they are changing this with the next version).

I like the corkboard even more now and have copied down a few of my random ideas that i get in the middle of the night into “idea”-colored cards.

Now that I’ve transferred everything to Scrivener, I’m realizing what a pain in the butt it will be if I decide not to buy the software since I’ll have to transfer everything back to Word. Sneaky!

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