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Read it Again, Mommy: Shiver Me Letters by June Sobel

Let me start out by saying that I (usually) hate alphabet books. They tend to be boring alliterative lists (and I particularly hate it when people make up words to get X and Y to work. Even when it’s Dr. Seuss.). So when my toddler and my husband came back with this one from the library, and my toddler asked me to read this one again after my husband had just read it to her earlier, I actually groaned. But I was wrong to judge this one by its cover (groan again). This book has an actual story with funny illustrations that turn into a sort of search-and-find for the reader (not so much for parents because the letters aren’t hidden exactly, but for a toddler I guess they are). And I particularly loved that the pirates say, “R!” all the time. Hilarious!

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