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Re-reading Susan Cooper’s “Over Sea, Under Stone” in Cornwall

This past summer, my family and I headed out for a vacation in Cornwall. I loved it there, and actually felt I’d already been since I’d read Over Sea, Under Stone by Susan Cooper over and over again as a kid. I re-read the book during the trip (unfortunately, I forgot to bring Greenwitchand was surprised by how much I remembered. It was fun recognizing so many of the places Cooper mentions and I was particularly excited to try my first Cornish pasty. (Apparently “pasty” is actually pronounced “pass-tee” rather than “pays-tee” which is how I’d read it as a kid.)

Over Sea, Under Stone takes place in a fictional town called Trewissick, but some people on the internet have said that this was based on the fishing village of Mevagissey, where Susan Cooper vacationed as a child. I have no idea how true this is, but we did end up visiting the village. Here are some photos!

The harbor:

Up one of the side streets:

And here’s some proof I was actually there:

Next week I’ll post a few more pictures from the trip.

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