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More photos from Cornwall

I wanted to share more photos from my fabulous trip to Cornwall. I have so many photos, but I don’t like to post ones that feature my family, so that kind of limits what I can share on my blog.

Here is a lovely house we drove by on the way to St. Ives. We drove by many houses that looked just like this. So pretty!

Me holding up Lanyon Quoit.

This photo is of some farmland behind a restaurant where we stopped for a break at Zennor. I stepped in stinging nettles just before taking this photo. Ouch! I didn’t know what stinging nettles even looked like before this trip. But now I certainly do.

An old pew (600 years?) depicting a mermaid at St. Senara’s Church in Zennor. Legend has it that a man from the village was lured out into the sea by a mermaid.

At St. Ives, I visited this bookstore and bought a book:

Another photo down a side street in St. Ives:

The next few photos are of St. Mawes Castle, which was very near to the farmhouse/rental cottages where we stayed.

A photo of Doc Martin’s house in Port Isaac where we stopped on the way to Tintagel:

And here’s Tintagel castle (which King Arthur buffs will certainly have heard about)! Unfortunately, we got there too late in the day to do any real hiking (not to mention I was pregnant, so I couldn’t really do a lot of climbing), but it was definitely worth seeing. So lovely and very awe-inspring. My photos don’t do it justice. I’d love to go there again.

This is only part of the castle (there is more just over to the left, hidden by the cliffside).

Merlin’s cave” is at the base of the cliff, near the ocean.

Across from Tintagel. I guess it’s not much to look at, but I thought the greenery and wildflowers were pretty. I think all the mist and light rain that plagued our trip only made things feel more magical there.

And just some random doors that I thought were pretty. Don’t remember where this was:

Phew! Because I was busy with my family and toddler and wasn’t the person in charge of trip planning, I’m afraid I wasn’t as good as keeping track of where we went, so my memory is a little hazy. I hope I got everything right! I loved Cornwall and would love to get back there someday.

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