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Mommy Read it Again: Limelight Larry Deserves the Spotlight

This week, I wanted to spotlight one of my two-year-old’s favorite books from the library this past month:

Limelight Larry features a hilarious, self-centered peacock who is excited to have a book all about HIM! But when all sorts of other creatures find out about the book, they want to get in on the fun too. If you’re looking for a picture book that highlights the words, this is a good one to choose. The words are printed all over the page in many different fonts and at times, they fight with the illustrations to be looked at and pointed to. At first, I thought this made the book look a little cluttered, but my daughter loves it and thinks it’s hilarious. She loves looking at the letters (and often asks, “What is this word?”), which can only be a good thing.

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