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MG Book Review: The Penderwicks by Jeanne Birdsall

A sweet, funny story about four rambunctious sisters on summer vacation. The perfect read for those last days of summer vacation when you’re trying to eke out every last drop if it.

What writers can look for in this book: 1) A middle grade contemporary story with a classic, timeless feel. Not a crossover YA book, just classic MG at it’s best. 2) 4 separate sisters with 4 separate voices each of whom learn something about themselves through the story. I wasn’t sure all of them seemed exactly the ages they were meant to be but their age differences were well portrayed. 3) Spot-on sisterly spats and dialogue. 4) Mild, age appropriate boy interest

As I’m reading all these points, I’m realizing just how subtly sophisticated this novel is when it reads like a light, fun, super cute read. Wow.

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