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Kindle 2 — My Reading Stats One Year Out

I’ve had my Kindle 2 for more than a year now (purchased Feb 2009). So the big question is–how much have I actually used it?

Here are my stats (made easier by Goodreads–I might have to add a new bookshelf for e-books):

Books I actually purchased from the Amazon store: 5

Free books I downloaded from Amazon: 9 (all classics and one cookbook–I only actually ended up finishing one of them)

Books/audiobooks downloaded and finished reading from the library (this one is an estimate since I delete them afterward): 20! wow! — I shouldn’t admit this but most of them have been frivolous chick lit that I probably would not have read otherwise.

Number of books I’ve downloaded and deleted without finishing from the library: no idea. probably about 10-20.

The number of p-books (haha, my abbreviation for physical books. pretty sure this isn’t going to catch on) I’ve read since buying my kindle: 50 (!!) Most of these were pre-baby :P

How many of these p-books were actually purchased by me for myself (i.e. not for reading to my baby)?: 6. The rest were either gifts or borrowed from the friends/the library).

Things I like about my Kindle: light, easy to carry, very convenient, does not need charging often, one-handed reading (very useful while carrying the baby!!! My sister borrowed my kindle for her maternity leave–is this a potential untapped market?)

Things I don’t like about my Kindle: library doesn’t have enough good books, the fact that I have to use a hack to read books from the library, can’t lend books, no backlight (which means I have to keep the light on to read–not necessarily a good thing when trying to feed the baby in the middle of the night)

Things I really wish the Kindle had that the iPad has (important ones in bold): color screen (for reading graphic novels and admiring illustrations!), backlighting, touch screen

Things I’m glad the Kindle has that the iPad doesn’t: e-ink screen (very easy on the eyes), nice feeling keyboard, built-in/linked-to-text dictionary

Things I’m glad the Kindle doesn’t have that the iPad has: lots of other apps, fast wifi connection (I think this would be very distracting)

Do you have an e-reader? What are your stats?

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