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In which I blog yet again about the PEN Award Ceremony, only this time with photos

As many of you already know (because you heard me enthusing about it a million times online), I was one of two recipients this year of PEN-New England’s Susan P. Bloom Children’s Book Discovery Award. Basically, this is an award for emerging children’s book writers (which means no, friends and family, unfortunately you cannot buy this book and read it, but hopefully you will be able to eventually).

At the award ceremony, Heather Demetrios and I read portions of our novels out loud (!) in front of the committee members, friends, and family. Heather did amazingly and I did…well I read it anyway and people clapped. Let’s just say public speaking has never been my forte.

Here are some photos from the event:

Me reading out loud! (That's Lois Lowry up front! Eep!) Photo by Kira Doucette

Me with my award. Photo by Kira Doucette

Lois Lowry and me! Photo from a family member

Lois Lowry has a closeup of the award over at her blog.

PS. Click here to see more photos by Kira

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