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Cute animal photo: Red Panda (oh, and a list of Red Panda books)

I recently went to the Central Park Zoo (which isn’t nearly as impressive as the Bronx Zoo, but still pretty nice) and was thrilled to see a red panda up close! I was one of many tourists shoving my way to the front to take a photo. And then I realized I should probably be taking pictures of my child at the zoo, rather than just taking pictures of the animals. LOL! (Don’t worry, I have a shot similar photo where my baby is in the frame too. Her favorite animals were the polar bears–she giggled and growled when she saw them. They were a little too far away to get a good picture with my cell phone though.)

To those critics who say, “This post isn’t book related,” I say Bah! Who doesn’t love a cute animal pic? Okay fine. I guess I should stay on topic, so here’s a list of red panda books I found on Amazon:

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