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Book review: Love That Dog by Sharon Creech

Loved that book! (okay, obvious line)

I got this book as a Christmas present, and it looked like a quick read, so I read it out loud with my husband while I was supposed to be reading two other books. Love That Dog is a story told through short poems written by a young boy as an assignment for class. While the course and conclusion of the book is fairly predictable, the content itself is cute, funny, and poignant. It actually made me want to start reading (and writing?) poetry. And maybe even (*gasp*) buy a book of poetry to read for fun! I’m sure this was part of the author’s purpose in writing this book–something which would have annoyed me had I not liked the book so darn much.

Can’t wait to read the sequel (Hate That Cat). I’m also curious to read the author’s picture books and her Newbery Award winning book, Walk Two Moons.

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