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Agent News and a Silly Goose

First things first, I have news on the writing front: I have an agent! I’m now being represented by the Sheldon Fogelman Agency. Very exciting!

It’s been a while since one of my Friday Library Trip posts, so I thought I’d mention my daughter’s favorite book that we’ve checked out recently : Silly Suzy Goose by Petr Horacek.

Silly Suzy Goose is about a goose named Suzy (you’re welcome! I know you’d never have guessed!) who wants to be something else. She imagines herself as many different animals–with a hilarious consequence.

The illustrations in this book are lively, colorful, and fun. Perhaps the text isn’t for grammar purists with a recurrent was/were mistake (check out other blogs for some ranting), but my daughter loves the book and so do I. We’ve actually checked this book out TWICE from the library because she requested it again, and I might just have to buy a copy because she keeps asking for it (okay, I just did). I’ve been a big fan of Petr Horacek’s illustrations (and Suzy!) ever since I picked up a copy of Look Out, Suzy Goose on sale at Porter Square Books. That book is just as fun, and even a little bit creepy. We also have Butterfly Butterfly which I think is a gorgeous book (it even has a colorful pop-out butterfly!) but for whatever reason, my daughter doesn’t love that one as much. Maybe because it doesn’t feature waterfowl.

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