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Mommy Read It Again: More Great Picture Books

Every one or two weeks my daughter and I walk to the library and come home with a pile of books to read at bedtime (or anytime, really). Here are a few of her favorites from the last few weeks:

Lots of Dots by Craig Frazier

A fun and colorful book filled with…dots. My daughter loves polka dots (or “cocoa dots” as she calls them) and this book fuels that obsession.

This book was set up on the shelf by the librarians and I picked it up on an impulse just because the title seemed very apropos (my daughter was running around crazily and being way too loud for the library at the time). But after one read through my daughter was hooked (“Read big big again, Mommy! Big big!”) I think this book is just plain gorgeous and wish I could cut out the pictures and hang them up on my wall–don’t worry, I’d never do that to a library book! I also like that the little girl depicted has brown skin, but that fact isn’t really important to the story.

Duck Goes Potty by Michael Dahl; illustrated by Oriol Vidal

I have no idea why my daughter loves this book. I mean yes, the illustrations are cute and colorful, but she refuses to use the potty and hates many of our other potty books. We’ve checked this book out TWICE now. Maybe because it shows the duck missing the toilet and peeing on the floor? I don’t know. Or maybe it’s just because the main character is a duck (and as I’ve mentioned many times, my daughter loves ducks)?

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